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Project Monitoring and Evaluation with Data Management and Analysis

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About the course

Monitoring is the systematic process of collecting, analyzing and using information to track a program’s progress toward reaching its objectives and to guide management decisions. Evaluation is the systematic assessment of an activity, project, programme, strategy, policy, topic, theme, sector, operational area or institution’s performance. Monitoring and Evaluation is used to assess the performance of projects, institutions and programmes set up by governments, international organisation and NGOs. Its goal is to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impact. This course aims to enhance the skills of professionals who need to research, supervise, manage, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate development projects.

What you will learn

• The principles and practices for results-based monitoring and evaluation for the entire project life cycle.
• Skills in setting up and implementing results-based monitoring and evaluation systems including M&E data management, analysis and reporting.
• Participants will benefit from the latest M&E thinking and practices including the results and participatory approaches.
• The course will enable the participants become experts in monitoring and evaluating their development projects.
• Participants will cover all the key elements of a robust M&E system coupled with a practical project to illustrate the M&E concepts.
• Design a project using logical framework
• Tracking performance indicators over the life of the project
• Carrying out impact evaluation
• Develop a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation plan

Important Dates
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Course Outline

• Introduction and Fundamentals to Results Based Project Management
• Fundamentals of Monitoring and Evaluation
• Project Analysis
• Design of Results in Monitoring and Evaluation
• M&E Indicators
• Logical Framework Approach
• Theory of Change
• M&E Systems, Elements and Steps for developing Results based M&E System
• M&E Planning
• Base Survey in Results based M&E
• Project Performance Evaluation
• M&E Data Management
• M&E Results Use and Dissemination
• Gender Perspective in M&E
• Data Collection Tools and Techniques
• Data Quality
• ICT in Monitoring and Evaluation
• Qualitative Data Analysis
• Quantitative Data Analysis using SPSS/Stata
• Impact Assessment

Target Participants

The course is designed for researchers, project staff, development practitioners, managers and decision makers who are responsible for project, program or organization-level M&E.




Upon successful completion of the course, all participants will be issued a certificate of completion at no extra cost.

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