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Introduction to Site Drone Mapping Training

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About Site Drone Mapping Training

In this course , you will learn the basics of the drone mapping technology currently available. Drone technology has been crucial in developing modern GIS applications and for maintaining up-to-date GIS data. Remote-controlled drones have played an important role in lowering the cost of collecting geospatial data and making it easier to collect spatial data in dangerous environments. Since the integration of GPS technology with these devices, it has also become possible to fly drones over much larger distances and beyond visible line of sight.

Additional technology advancements — in areas such as artificial intelligence, imaging and image recognition, edge computing and remote sensing — have contributed to enabling drones to be used for more efficient and comprehensive GIS analysis.

Here are a few other examples of GIS analysis that can be enhanced with drones:

  • Matching consumer demographic data with spatial information about the places they live
  • Validation of existing GIS data sets
  • Weather monitoring and prediction
  • Habitat surveying
  • Landscape modeling
  • Assessing the aftermath of a disaster.
  • Tracking wild animals and assets
  •  Used to acquire the Chemical composition of an Agricultural area.

Important Dates
Onsite /1 on 1 Training Calendar 2023

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May 15, 2023May 19, 2023May 10, 2023USD 980Register
July 3, 2023July 7, 2023June 29, 2023USD 980Register
Aug 21, 2023Aug 25, 2023Aug 17, 2023USD 980Register
Oct 9, 2023Oct 13, 2023Oct 5, 2023USD 980Register
Nov 27, 2023Dec 1, 2023Nov 22,2023USD 980Register

Online Training Calendar 2023

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May 1, 2023May 5, 2023April 27, 2023USD 350 / KES 30000Register
June 19, 2023June 23, 2023June 15, 2023USD 350 / KES 30000Register
Aug 7, 2023Aug 11, 2023Aug 3, 2023USD 350 / KES 30000Register
Sept 25, 2023Sept 29, 2023Sept 21, 2023USD 350 / KES 30000Register
Nov 13, 2023Nov 17, 2023Nov 9, 2023USD 350 / KES 30000Register

Course Overview

What you’ll learn

  • End to end UAV/Drone Image Processing for GIS data generation i.e. Aerial Triangulation, Orthophoto, 3D Point Cloud, DSM, DTM, 3D Mesh Model and Contour
  • Comprehensive workflow to process UAV/drone images that will save time during image processing
  • The basic theory behind UAV/Drone image Processing and Hardware/Software Requirement
  • UAV/Image preprocessing step that involves Geotagging, Remove Geotagging, Point Shape File Creation, Rename the images using ExifTOOL and QGIS
  • UAV/Drone Image Processing Platforms such as Desk Top, Cloud, Network Processing and Batch Processing
  •  Learn Stereo Satellite Image Processing
  • Learn about working with Ortho photo, Color correction, Seam line editing, 3D point Cloud classification, Conventional Ortho generation and Contour generation
  • Processing Oblique and Nadir Images for High Accurate 3D Model Generation
  • Learn about Volume Calculation and Earthworks for Civil or Mining Engineer
  • 360o panorama generation for UAV/Drone Spherical Images
  • Processing RTK/PPK images and their image acquisition theory
  • Learn about Export Aerial Triangulation Result as Stereo Setup for Stereo Compilation
  • Get Knowledge about Accuracy Assessment Method (Relative, Absolute and Survey Grade) for UAV/Drone data product

Who this course is for:

Student and Researcher in GIS, Survey, Geomatics, Remote Sensing, Geography, Geology, Archaeology, Mining, Geo-informatics and Civil Engineering domain, Drone Pilot , photogrammetry expert, ,or drone enthusiasts


Basic Knowledge about GIS, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry, Personal Computer with Graphics Card, Knowledge about UAV/Drone Image capture and DGPS survey.

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