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GIS in WASH(Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) Training

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About the GIS in WASH Training

A GIS helps people visualize and create information that can be used to make decisions and solve problems. This course will equip participants with the ability to perform multi criteria analysis of WASH, model wash projects, identify Most at-Risk Populations, use GIS as a monitoring tool for WASH activities. Get an introduction to the basic components of a GIS in WASH programs. Learn fundamental concepts that underlie the use of a GIS with hands-on experience with maps and geographic data.


  • Create a GIS map that incorporated WASH activities..
  • Evaluate data for use in a WASH project.
  • Visually analyze feature relationships and patterns on a GIS map.
  • Share GIS maps and analysis results and relationships.

What you will learn

  • Carry out basic mapping and data analysis using GIS software’s e.g. QGIS, Google Earth Pro.
  • Collect data using Mobile data gathering tools such as ODK, kobo collect, QField or GPS Essentials.
  • Create geodatabase for WASH Projects.
  • Familiarize with spatial data availability
  • Appreciate the role of Spatial Data Infrastructure in WASH programs
  • Use GIS as a tool for WASH projects activities
  • Conduct participatory GIS in community projects.
  • Conduct basic water and sanitation modeling in GIS
  • Integrate GIS within new and existing WASH activities.
  • Practise Wise GIS Skills for projects.

Important Dates
Classroom Training Calendar 2023

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June 12, 2023June 16, 2023June 7, 2023USD 980Register
July 31, 2023Aug 4, 2023July 26, 2023USD 980Register
Sept 18, 2023Sept 22, 2023Sept 14, 2023USD 980Register
Nov 6, 2023Nov 10, 2023Nov 1, 2023USD 980Register
Dec 25, 2023Dec 29, 2023Dec 21, 2023USD 980Register

Online Training Calendar 2023

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May 29, 2023June 2, 2023May 26, 2023USD 350 / KES 30000Register
July 17, 2023July 21, 2023July 14, 2023USD 350 / KES 30000Register
Sept 4, 2023Sept 8, 2023Sept 1, 2023USD 350 / KES 30000Register
Oct 23, 2023Oct 27, 2023Oct 18, 2023USD 350 / KES 30000Register
Dec 11, 2023Dec 15, 2023Dec 7, 2023USD 350 / KES 30000Register

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Course Content

Introduction and definition of concepts and Jargons

  • Introduction to GIS concepts: Definition and application of GIS in WASH context.
  • Introduction to 5 Components of a GIS Systems
  • Introduction to GIS Software (QGIS) Installation and Interface. We will use the latest version for this course that has extra functionalities and updates compatible with Windows ,Linux and Mac OS.
  • Managing and manipulating GIS Data
  • Datum and Projections
  • Data types in GIS: Vector and Raster models.
  • Working with tabular data such as CSV and excel in QGIS. Performing Spatial Join for non-spatial data.
  • Types of resolutions in GIS.
  • Introduction to Spatial databases
  • Geospatial functions and capabilities in the context of WASH
  • Spatial data concepts & Spatial Data Infrastructure in WASH

Data collection methods

  • Facilitated exercises in GPS Data Collection using GIS Android apps
  • Introduction to QField Sync, kobo toolbox or ODK. A look at the basic interface and features.
  • Setting up kobo toolbox or QField Sync
  • Designing a wash data collection form in kobo forms, ODK or in QField Sync
  • Deploying forms to Kobo collect app , ODK app or Synchronization of QField app with QField Sync.
  • Setting up kobo collect in mobile phone and linking the Kobo collect to kobotoolbox
  • Collecting data using QField app, kobo collect app or ODK app for android phones
  • Uploading and managing data.
  • Uploading data into QGIS for analysis and mapping.

Development and presentation of maps

  • Working with spatial Databases (.gdb), Geopackages(gpkg) and Spatialite layers(sqlite).
  • Working with GIS Data. Digitization and Georeferencing.
  • QGIS Mapping techniques
  • Basic to advanced Labeling, Styling and symbolization
  • Cartography and Customization of Legends
  • Using the print Composer to make final maps.
  • Creating Atlas maps. Automation of Map making.
  • Creating Value Maps, Cascading selects and Heat Maps/Dot density Maps
  • Creating graphs i.e., pie charts, Histograms and Text diagrams with the aid of inbuilt plugins.

Vector Geoprocessing, Analysis and Exquisite map making and presentation using project data

  • Basic analysis and Geo processing
  • Performing different vector Geo-processing functionalities for WASH Projects
  • Performing vector analysis for WASH Projects
  • Batch processing to aid WASH Project analysis
  • Graphical Modelling for WASH Projects
  • Working with vector tiles and tables for WASH projects.
  • Wise GIS solutions for your WASH Projects.

Target Participants

WASH specialists, M & E Experts, Public health, Program Manager, Students, Engineers, Teachers, GIS and Remote Sensing Enthusiasts, Newbies

Suggested Skills

Experience with Windows-based software for basic file management and browsing.


QGIS, Kobo Toolbox, Google Earth, ArcGIS


Upon successful completion of this course every participant will get a Certificate at no extra cost.



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