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We strive to offer Environmental mapping and analysis services that cover a broad range of areas using geospatial data and the capabilities of GIS/RS Applications. In doing so, we aim at cutting a niche in the following:

  • Mapping hydrology features and analyzing water run-off patterns relative to geographic features.
  • Analyzing and mapping land usage relative to other geographic features such as soil type.
  • Identifying and mapping the best lands for species habitat conservancy based on a number of geographic selection criteria such as level and type of vegetation, distance from roadways, population density, adjacent land use, terrain, and land slope, etc.
  • Determining how future land development and population growth will affect species conservancy areas.
  • Selecting the best lands for agricultural purchase and development in a region based on a number of geographic selection criteria (Analytic Hierarchy Process Analysis) such as zoning, hydrology, soil type, terrain and land slope, rainfall, average temperatures, etc.
  • Preparing maps of species distribution, soil types, terrain, and hydrology for analyzing and planning land development projects.
  • Analyzing zoning, terrain, vegetation, and hydrology.



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