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At WiseGIS Training Institute, we provide meticulously crafted training courses that align with international training standards while being customized to the unique needs of each client. Recognizing the distinct requirements of our clients, our training programs are designed to effectively address their specific contexts

GIS Courses

We offer a wide range of GIS training from introductory courses to specialized courses focusing on specific industries such as Agriculture, Climate change, WASH, Disaster Management, Crime Analysis, Epidemiology, Web mapping, Urban Planning among other sectors.

Remote Sensing Courses

Learn about remote sensing spatial data analysis, techniques and knowledge to tackle a variety of geological and environmental problems.RS involves using sensors to capture data on various properties of the Earth’s surface, such as vegetation cover, topography, and temperature.

Data Collection & Analysis Courses

Learn about data collection using Open Data Kit(ODK), KoBo Toolbox, QField for QGIS, Commcare, Epi Collect; And Data analysis using Microsoft Excel, Stata, Power BI, Looker Studio, SPSS and Tally Erp 9 among other applications.

Project Management Courses

Train with us on project management, monitoring and evaluation, proposal writing and Data Management in organization projects

Humanitarian Courses

These courses provide essential knowledge and skills for individuals and organizations involved in humanitarian efforts. Gain practical insights and tools to effectively respond to crises and support vulnerable populations.

Environmental Courses

These courses offer comprehensive understanding and practical solutions for addressing environmental challenges. Explore sustainable practices and strategies to promote environmental conservation and stewardship.

Practical Based Training Programs

Course Delivery

We provide three primary learning models to choose from:

Classroom/ In person Training

This model provides face-to-face training in a physical venue (Nairobi, Mombasa, Kampala, Kigali)

Virtual Training

In this model, participants can access our interactive training modules virtually from anywhere in the world.

In-house Training

This Model is specifically designed for organizations seeking tailored training solutions to be delivered directly at their premises.

Duration and Certification

These programs span a duration of 5 to 10 days, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the subject matter with a Certificate of completion for all successful participants

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